How is the weather in october in Turkey? [Temperature & Travel Tips]

The climate in Turkey is Mediterranean. The weather in the seven climatic zones of Turkey is very different in October. Here I have collected useful tips for traveling to Turkey in October, with the weather in all parts of the country and information that you should definitely know!


Weather in Turkey in October

A climate table is not enough to show the weather in October in Turkey, as Turkey is divided into seven climatic zones.

climate zones in Turkey
Climate zones in Turkey

Climate tables of destinations in Turkey

1. Weather in Istanbul (Marmara Region) in October

The weather in October is very different in Istanbul . In the first weeks of the month, the weather normally reminds you of summer at 20 to 30 degrees a day. The cold and rainy season starts in Istanbul from the end of October to the beginning of November .

The weather at the beginning of the month is obviously still perfect for a city break. The later weeks of October and winter are okay for a city break. The thermometer reached in November only rarely the 20 ° mark.

2. Weather in Ankara & Cappadocia (Central Anatolia) in October

October is a season in Cappadocia between ski tourism in winter and travel to classic sights. Since you can practically see all interesting places in Cappadocia in winter, there is no real off season.

The month most likely to be so called is October, when it’s not really warm anymore. In the first weeks of October the thermometer reaches 20 to 25 ° C, at the end of the month the temperatures drop below 20 °.

At night, temperatures sometimes drop below 10 degrees, so be sure to bring a sweater and jacket to Cappadocia in October.

3. Weather in Turkish Aegean in October

October belongs to the Turkish Aegean for postseason. The weather in the first weeks of October is usually better than in April or May.

The thermometer sometimes reaches 30 ° C on the day of October. The bathing season ends at the end of the month, with temperatures between 20 and 25 ° C a day.

At the end of October, the season begins on the Aegean for a long-term vacation or round trip to the sights on the Turkish west coast.

4. Weather in Turkish Riviera (Mediterranean Region) in October

The weather on the Turkish Riviera and on the Lycian coast in October, as in all other months by 1-2 ° warmer than on the Aegean Sea. The sea water is 22 to 24 ° warm in October, the daytime temperatures range between 20 and 30 °.

At the beginning of the month, the thermometer reaches the 30 ° mark more often during the day, but in the last weeks of October, it is rarely warmer than 25 °. Overall, October is a good time for a beach holiday in the off season, round trips and sightseeing.

If you want the weather to be as good as possible, book a trip in the first weeks of October. The bathing season lasts in a normal year until the end of October, many hotels then lock up for the winter.

5. Weather in Black Sea Coast in October

The weather on the Black Sea coast is still warm in October with 15 to 25 °. Unfortunately, the rainy season on the Black Sea starts again in October.

You have to expect that every few days on the Black Sea falls a lot of rain. The autumnal weather on the Black Sea coast you feel in October, especially in the mountains, off the coast.

6. Weather in East Anatolia in October

Eastern Anatolia is the coldest region within Turkey, which is also the case in October. The thermometer reaches at the latest in the middle of October only rarely 20 °, rain is normal and on the higher mountains lies at the end of the month already snow.

Unfortunately, October is not a good month for a trip to Eastern Anatolia. You have to expect a lot of rain in October, especially in the north on the border with Georgia.

7. Weather in Southeast Anatolia in October

The weather in Southeastern Anatolia is changeable in October. The weather during the day is warm, mostly with 20 °, in the higher elevations and in the evening it is still cold. October is also one of the months when rain falls in southeastern Turkey .

For a trip to Southeast Anatolia, the first weeks of October are still okay.

Travel tips for October

In no month is the weather in Turkey as different as in October.

On the south coast, almost all hotels and beaches are open until the end of October, it is up to 30 ° C and you can swim. Sometimes snow falls in the province of Kars in eastern Anatolia.

view of mediterranean sea from Antalya
view of mediterranean sea from Antalya in October

For a beach holiday in the off-season is October in my opinion one of the most underrated times. The weather in October on the south coast is clearly better than in the months of the preseason in the spring.

In Istanbul and Cappadocia you have to expect some changeable weather, especially at the end of October. Temperatures between 10 and 25 ° C are possible in Istanbul in October, at the beginning of the month it is even warmer.

Plan trips to Turkey

In the first two weeks of October, the hotels on the south coast are still quite full. At the end of October, many hotels on the south coast are closing for the winter.

As October clearly belongs to the postseason you pay for an all-inclusive package holiday much less than in the summer. In October you will find a one-week 5-star all-inclusive package holiday per person in a double room with a flight from € 300.

Since in October, almost all holiday and charter flights are on the road, you pay a small price for airline tickets. In October, return air tickets to Izmir or Istanbul often cost less than € 100, while Antalya costs around € 150.

To search for a good package holiday I have written a guide:

Packing List

For a trip to the south coast in October you need swimwear, a sweater or a thin jacket for the evening. I usually travel without sweaters on the south coast until mid-November.

For Istanbul and Cappadocia you should definitely pack a thin rain jacket and extra sweaters.

For matching clothes in the different seasons you will find in my check and packing list some tips.

Short and Good

If you still want to fly to the south or look for sun, October is still a good time in Turkey.

The sea is still 24 ° warm on the south coast at the beginning of October, 30 ° on the day are not uncommon until the middle of the month. The hotels, large clubs and beaches are usually open until the end of October.

Saint Paul trail in October

For round trips, sightseeing and hiking trips, the weather on the south coast is perfect.

For city trips to Istanbul, the weather is almost certainly ideal in the first weeks of October. Unfortunately, at the end of the month temperatures in Istanbul often drop below 20 ° C.

If you still have questions about the weather in October, just write me in the comments column.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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* Note: Climate information without guarantee. The listed climate values ​​are therefore not suitable as a climate forecast / weather forecast.


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