Süleymaniye Camii (Mosque) at the castle hill of Alanya

The contract to build the Suleymaniye Mosque was given shortly after the conquest of Alanya by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeedin Keykubat I.


She is standing on Castle Hill of Alanya, between the fortresses of Ic Kale and Ehmedek.

The Suleymaniye Mosque in Alanya

The mosque is one of the fixed points during a visit to the castle hill from Alanya. Although her outward appearance seems quite simple, she has a lot to offer inside.

The Süleymaniye Camii can be reached via a hemp district, the Red tower, beginning hiking trail or by bus / taxi. Whereby with the two latter options also a small footpath must be planned. The way to the mosque is signposted throughout.

Sightseeing & Excursions

There is no entry required.

The Shoes must be removed at the entrance of the mosque, The clothes should cover the shoulders. For Women are standing at the entrance of pants and headscarves ready to cover the body.

The Süleymaniye Camii is an integral part of guided tours on the castle hill.

Two ways lead back from the mosque Alanya, Either you go down the path to the “Red Tower” or through the fortress Ehmedek.

In the second option you have to pay an entrance fee for the fortress.

Construction of the mosque

Süleymaniye Camii (Mosque) at the castle hill of Alanya
Süleymaniye Camii (Mosque) Alanya

The square mosque consists of a central dome-shaped main room and three other separate rooms in the north.

The square-shaped minaret is located on the northwestern corner of the mosque.

A relatively large cistern provided the Süleymaniye Camii with water.

The reddish color comes from the used bricks, during the restoration of the mosque.

The original building materials were stones and bricks.

In front of the mosque is a small garden.

The Süleymaniye Camii stands in the center of a Muslim cemetery.

useful information

  • After the conquest of Alanya by the Seljuk Turks, extensive construction work was carried out on the fortress hill.
  • The defenses have been expanded, the first shipyard of the Seljuks on the Mediterranean has been built in the port and the Red Tower has been erected.
  • After Alanya became the new winter residence of the Seljuk Sultans, a mosque was needed.
  • The contract for the construction of the Suleymaniye Camii was given by Sultan Alaeedin Keykubat I in 1231.
  • During the Ottoman Empire, the mosque was restored in the years 1530-1560.
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