Seljuk Shipyard Alanya (tips for a trip)

The shipyard was built in the course of some expansion and expansion under the Seljuk Sultan Alaeedin Keykubat I 1227.


It is located only a few meters from the landmark Alanya, the “Red tower” away.

Entrance, sightseeing & excursions

To the Entrance of the Seljuk shipyard You can reach it via a narrow path from the Red Tower.

Next to the tower there is an observation deck towards the sea, from which the shipyard can be seen. On the side of the platform facing the castle hill, a staircase leads down to a narrow beach.

Port walls of Alanya and the Red Tower

Way to the shipyard

Low passage in the harbor wall.
Passage in the harbor wall

From there you can climb a staircase to an old tower. If you continue along the old harbor walls you will arrive at the shipyard. The 200 meter long path leads over stairs and wall sections to an easily passable one meter high passage in the wall. The shipyard is just to the right.

At the entrance must be for the visit Entrance fee to be paid, Whether currently euros or dollars are accepted, I do not know. But it is always better in Turkish lira to pay.

There will be guided tours to the Attractions on the castle hill offered. You can either book it online at your hotel or at one of the downtown areas.

Some of the excursion boats in the harbor also make a short stopover in front of the entrance of the shipyard.

Sea walls at the harbor of Alanya
Staircase on the sea walls

Construction and history of the Seljuk shipyard

The 5 covered docks The shipyard has been built from cut stones and bricks. Overall, the structure is 40 meters long and 57 meters wide. The individual docks have a width of 7 meters.

At the entrance there are two rooms. The small room on the right has been used as a mosque. The larger left room was probably used by the heads of the shipyard. In the middle of the shipyard is a dry well.

The shipyard was used by the Seljuks for the construction and repair of smaller ships. After Sinope on the Black Sea is Alanya through the shipyard to second seaport of the Seljuk Turks become.

That’s why Alaeedin Keykubat I gave the title of “Sultan of both seas” after the completion of the shipyard.

Nearby attractions

Attractions on the castle hill of Alanya

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Alanya’s landmark, the Red Tower (Kizil Kule)

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