Province of Antalya | Counties, cities, inhabitants, tourist resorts

The Antalya Province is divided into 19 districts, of which 5 are also municipalities of the provincial capital of Antalya.


Which counties there are, where the well-known tourist places are and learn worth knowing in this post.

The province of Antalya at a glance

The entire province of Antalya has around 2,250,000 inhabitants. Half of it in the Province capital Antalya lives.

The province forms the majority of the touristic region Turkish riviera, which is located on the south coast of Turkey, on the Gulf of Antalya. Antalya is popular for its 630 kilometers of coastline, countless ancient ruins. Add to that the mountains of the Taurus Mountains and one ideal bathing weather in the summer season.

The province of Antalya is divided into the districts:

Akseki, Alanya, Demre, Elmali, Finike, Gazipasa, Gündogmus, Ibradi, Kas, Kemer, Korkuteli, Kumluca, Manavgat and serik.

Furthermore, the to City of Antalya belonging municipalities Aksu, Dösemealti, Kepez, Konyaalti and Muratpasa also counties.

Map of counties in the province of Antalya
Counties in the province of Antalya


Akseki is the name of the main town of the district of the same name. The small town and the region are located 150 kilometers east of Antalya in the Taurus Mountains. Surrounded by largely untouched pine forests, the inhabitants of the district live off the beaten track in the coastal towns.


The County of Alanya is located 135 kilometers east of Antalya. The city Alanya is with 100,000 inhabitants one of the largest settlements in the province. Around 200,000 people live in the rest of the district. Alanya is one of the most famous tourist resorts on the south coast of Turkey, The city exists was mentioned more than 3,000 years ago in the history books. The Ruins of the old fortress town on the peninsula are still an impressive testimony of this time. The Cleopatra beach in Alanya is also one of the flagships of tourism on the Turkish Riviera.

Among the sights of Alanya I have in this Article written once more,


The capital of the district Demre was also called Kale until 2005. With around 25,000 inhabitants, he is one of the smallest counties in the province of Antalya. Demre is located about 150 kilometers west of Antalya on the Lycian coast.

Tourism in Demre has not really made its entrance. The Taurus Mountains are also very close to the coast, where mainly agriculture is operated. In Demre are the ruins of the sunken island city Kekova as well as the ancient cities of Andriake and Simena. However, the most famous sights are the remains of the ancient Lycian city of Myra and the church of St. Nicholas of Myra.


Elmali is a district in the West of the province of Antalya, He has the same name as his capital. It borders the province of Mugla in the west. Elmali is one of the sparsely populated areas on the Turkish Riviera. On an area of ​​1650 km ² live approximately 40,000 people.

Especially Elmali is known for growing apples, 10% of the total Turkish production comes from the small district. The name Elmali comes from the Elmali tombs that are located in the district.


The name Finike is simultaneously borne by the city and its county. This is located 120 kilometers west of Antalya on the coast. The region lives mainly from the cultivation of oranges and vegetables. The agricultural tradition is reflected in the emblem of the district, an orange. The region is touristic not particularly strong,

But there are some hotels on the coast. The ruins of Arykanda and Limyra are among the most popular destinations in the county.

Places: Alacdag, Arif, Akcaalan, Asarönü, Boldag, Camlibel, Dagbag, Finike, Gökbük, Gökcekaya, Guncali, Hasyurt, Sahilkent, Turuncova, Yalniz, Yazir, Yesilköy, Yesilyurt, Yuvalilar


Gazipasa is the name of the district and its capital. Next to the international airport in the provincial capital of Antalya belongs the Gazipasa Airport to the main feeder roads for the tourist resorts along the coast of the Turkish Riviera.

This was released after numerous delays in 2011 for international air traffic. Around 25,000 people live in the city and 50,000 in the entire district. Gazipasa forms the eastern end of the province of Antalya. The city is 40 kilometers from Alanya and 180 kilometers from Antalya.


Gündogmus is 140 kilometers east of Antalya in the north of the district Alanya. The city Gündogmus has only a population of 2000 people.

10,000 people live in the entire district. As in most of the counties of the province of Antalya, there are numerous ancient ruins in Gundogmus.


Throughout the district of Ibradi, only 3,500 people live mainly from the viniculture Life. The district is located 140 kilometers east of Antalya in the Taurus Mountains, The province of Konya borders the district in the north.


Kas makes that western end the province of Antalya. Thus, the town and district is also the furthest to the west tourist area of ​​the Turkish Riviera. Like many of the other places in the region, Kas will also farm.

The climate mainly favors the cultivation of oranges, lemons, bananas and almonds. In recent years, too tourism discovered the beaches in the district. This includes above all the more than 10 kilometers long sandy beach of Patara and Kaputas Beach,

Popular attractions include the Blue Grotto and the Caybogazi Dam in the Taurus Mountains. The distance from Antalya to Kas is around 190 kilometers.

Places: Gömbe, Kalkan, Kas, Kinik, Ova, Yesilköy


Kemer is an exclusively from Tourism shaped district in the west of the province of Antalya. It is home to around 40,000 people, all of them more or less employed in tourist businesses along the 50-kilometer coast of the county. Until the 1970s Kemer was still a small fishing village that could not even be reached by land. The targeted expansion of the western Turkish Riviera has given Kemer one of the best tourist infrastructures in Turkey.

Among the most popular attractions in Kemer are the ruins of numerous ancient cities, such as Olympos and Phaselis. The Göynük Gorge and the Olimpos-Beydaglari National Parkthrough which the Lycian Way used already more than 2,000 years ago. Furthermore, there are the fires of Chimaira burning on a mountain slope. It is an underground gas deposit that, according to legend, has even provided the first fires of the Olympic Games. The distance between Kemer and Antalya is 45 kilometers.

Places: Aslanbucak, Beldibi, Beycik, Camyuva, Cayova, Cirali, Goynuk, Kemer, Kiris, Kuzdere, Tekirova


The district and the city Korkuteli is located 80 kilometers west of Antalya in the Taurus Mountains. The majority of the area of ​​the district is located 1,000 meters above sea level. For this reason, Korkuteli is expected to have mild temperatures of around 25 ° C even in summer. In winter, temperatures can also fall below zero. In the city and district live together about 50,000 people.

Places: Bozova, Büyükköy, Belkis, Bogazkent, Comakli, Kücükköy, Korkuteli, Yelten, Yeilyayla


Kumluca is located 95 kilometers west of Antalya in the Bay of Finike, The city of Kumluca is located on the Coast of Lycia and is known as a shopping and administrative city in the region.

As in the other counties in the west of the province of Antalya, agriculture is also practiced in Kumluca. The landscape is characterized by greenhouses where vegetables are grown. There are also many plantations with lemons, tangerines and oranges. The Greenhouses and other agricultural land are in a flat plain. This is a spur of the Taurus Mountains and is often visited by heavy rain periods and storms of a flood. The Lycian Way leads along its route towards Antalya along the coast through Kumluca.

The district consists of more than 100 villages.


Manavgat is called the city, the county and the river that flows through it. He is one of the fastest growing in the province of Antalya and the Turkish Riviera. Within a few decades, the population in the former village has multiplied. Meanwhile over 200,000 people live in Manavgat. The majority work in the surrounding tourism business and no longer as in the past in agriculture. Among the most famous attractions is the ancient city of Side and the Köprülü Canyon, Manavgat is 74 kilometers from Antalya. The most famous tourist destination in the Manavgat district is Side,

Places: Colakli, Evrenseki, Gründogdu, Ilica, Kizilot, Manavgat, Oymapinar, Sarilar, Side, Tasagil


The district and the City of Serik are located between Manavgat and Antalya. Serik is known mainly by the tourist resort Belek and the excavations in the ancient ruins Aspendos and sillyone. More than 110,000 people live throughout the county, making it one of the more densely populated areas in the province of Antalya. Parts of the Köprülü Kanyon National Park are also part of the district of Serik.

Places: Abdurrahmanlar, Belek, Belkis, Bogazkent, Candir, Gebiz, Kadriye, Karadayi, Serik, Yukarikocayatak

Districts, which are also a municipality of the provincial capital of Antalya


Aksu is a district and one at the same time Municipality northeast of the center of Antalya, 120,000 people live in the entire county, 50,000 of them in the city of Aksu. The D-400 leads from Antalya come east to the famous tourist cities Belek, Side and Alanya. On the northern edge of Aksu County are the ruins of the ancient city of Perge. The river Aksu flows through the district into the sea.

Between the districts Aksu and Muratpasa lies the airport Antalya,

In article 70 Sights & Activities in Antalya you will learn more about possible Trips in the region,


Dösemalti is like Aksu a district and municipality in the province of Antalya. The district is located northwest of Antalya. Around 75,000 people live in the entire district. In the north of Dösemealti is the Karain Cavewhich is currently the oldest prehistoric site in Turkey. Also in the north is the old Seljuk caravansary Kirkgöz Han.


Kepez is a district and municipality in the province of Antalya. The municipality belonging to the provincial capital is also the city with a population of about 420,000 people second largest district in the province of Antalya. It is located in the northwest of Antalya.


Konyaalti is also a district of the provincial capital of Antalya. At the same time a city and a district within the province of Antalya. Konyaalti is home to around 130,000 people. The Konyaalti beach is Antalya’s most popular beach and one of the most famous photo opportunities on the Turkish Riviera. The Minicity amusement park is located in Konyaalti.


Muratpasa is the most populated district of Antalya as well as the most populous county in the province Antalya. In terms of area it is the smallest of the counties in the province of Antalya. Muratpasa is located in the south of Antalya and borders Konyaalti to the west and Aksu to the east. Around 450,000 people live in Muratpasa.

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