Is foreign health insurance necessary for Turkey?

You may wonder why I ask this question. That’s why I come right to the crux of the topic: So, it’s about whether your insurance in Turkey is valid, the options for a medical return transport necessary exists and whether the coverage of your health insurance for the private hospitals in the tourist resorts is sufficient. I’ll take a closer look at that.


Is a health insurance necessary for Turkey?

For those who do not want to read the whole text:

YES – You should take out a foreign health insurance.

In Turkey, the European Health Insurance Card does not apply.

Where can I find good insurance?

Thats is quite easy.

Let’s assume you’re in Germany. For the comparison of the various offers the comparison portal Covomo makes sense . In it you can find almost all insurances in Germany.

I myself recommend the Hanse Merkur annual travel health insurance.

It has the best conditions overall:

  • 17 €,
  • Private patient abroad,
  • applies worldwide,
  • Return transport from abroad,
  • no deductible,
  • (there are family rates from 29 €),
  • up to 56 days abroad (private and professional),
  • Rescue costs and patient transport,
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment and dental treatment

You can conclude the annual travel insurance either directly on the Hanse-Merkur page or with Covomo (with Covomo sometimes even on more favorable terms than on the Hanse-Merkur page).

How much does a foreign health insurance cost?

A foreign insurance is not expensive. For a single person, you can find offers from 10 € a year or 25 € for a family .

An international health insurance reduces your financial risk and provides relaxation.

Relaxing with thoughts like: ” What if? ”

In a foreign health insurance , the medically necessary return transport to Germany is included. He is never paid by the statutory funds!

European Health Insurance card
European insurance card is not valid in Turkey, since Turkey is not a member of EU.

And it really does not cost much money.

>> For price comparison with Covomo you can reach directly here. There you can complete other cheap insurance in 2-3 minutes online .

This is an important item on your checklist for travel planning .

And for those who want to know more:

The exact reasons why a foreign insurance makes sense:

In Turkey, the European Health Insurance Card does not apply.

Instead, you need a foreign health certificate from your health insurance. The form T / A 11 is necessary for this. You receive it from your statutory health insurance.

With the foreign health certificate, you will receive medical services in Turkey in an emergency. But there are some problems.

The procedures are complicated and there are always difficulties with the payment of bills.

For example, you have to pay your bills very often in cash. This is due to the many private doctors and hospitals in the tourist resorts.

The costs are either not or only to a small extent replaced by the health insurance in such a case. The decisive factor here is the amount that comparable treatment in Germany would have cost.

The Turkish private doctors charge similarly high bills for their services as in Germany.

Therefore, there are clearly problems with the repayment by statutory funds in Germany.

Sticking point of the cost of a doctor or hospital visit in Turkey

First, I start the good news, in tourist resorts you can always find a doctor who speaks English, German and sometimes even French!

In places like Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum or Side, several private clinics have sprung up in recent years. They employ doctors who have completed their studies in Germany, Austria, England or Switzerland.

You do not have to worry about medical care in Turkey, it’s good, even in state hospitals.

With the good private clinics in the tourist resorts at the same time start your potential problems. Their treatment costs are often higher than the coverage of statutory health insurance in Germany.

This means that in the worst case, your health insurance does not pay at all or you only get back part of your treatment costs.

Often you have no influence on which hospital you are brought to

In Turkey, private clinics are recommended by hotel doctors and ambulance service drivers. A taxi driver will take you to a private clinic without being asked anyway. That’s just like that.

The hotel doctors often maintain their own document beds in the clinics or receive a placement commission. The same goes for the hotel or the taxi driver.

This increases the motivation to take you to a private clinic as a patient, who is considered a private patient anyway.

In the clinic, you put down your foreign health certificate with a broken arm and think that everything fits. Finally, a bill in the four-digit area umhaut again, because the clinic can not charge directly with your health insurance in Germany.

You may have to pay the bill in cash right away. The health insurance companies in Germany often pay only a fraction of such bills.

You can escape the problem only partially over the telephone emergency advice of your health insurance
Some health insurance companies have a telephone emergency hotline for travelers.

Ask for the number of emergency advice from your health insurance company before leaving for Turkey! Save the number in your phone and put a note with the number in your purse.

If it is possible for you, you can reach your health insurance from Turkey. She can give you recommendations for the major tourist destinations which hospital you should visit.

It is not a security to not have to pay private bills. Often in the clinics additional treatments are performed that are not included in the normal range of services of German health insurances.

Remedy for high medical bills abroad creates a foreign insurance

You will always take a big financial risk on you without a health insurance.

It just feels better to be on vacation with a good hedge. That helps when switching off.

What is included in a good foreign health insurance?

  • Coverage: A good health insurance covers costs that are higher than the normal treatment costs in Germany.
  • Acceptance of all important medical treatments: The foreign health insurance directly covers the costs of your treatment. So you do not have to go in advance and reclaim the money spent in Germany again.
  • Duration: Your insurance is valid for the entire duration of the trip. There are offers for one-time travel or cheap insurance, which you pay annually and are valid for several trips. Pay attention to the number of days you can spend abroad.
  • Return transport: The statutory health insurance never comes for a return transport to Germany! Even if you feel so bad that it would actually be necessary, she pays nothing for it.
  • Emergency number and assistance travel insurance: With a foreign travel insurance additional facilities for a visit to a doctor or hospital abroad are connected. The insurance companies have an emergency call and service telephone number. They give tips to the nearest doctor in your resort, help you with various other matters and in case of emergency, you are a direct contact person.
  • Other insurance benefits: Additional benefits of international health insurance is the insurance of your luggage against damage or theft.
  • Not only for Turkey: A travel insurance makes sense for all other holiday countries outside Europe. For example, in Thailand or Egypt you have to pay your medical bills completely privately because of missing social security agreements. In the United States or Canada, because of the exorbitant high hospital bills of more than € 6,000 per day, only partial amounts are taken over by the health insurance companies. That can go properly into the money.

So you find a good foreign health insurance

For this I recommend the comparison portal Covomo (in case you’re in Germany). For other countries, you may use Google and see which ones offer better conditions.

You can compare almost all insurance offers.

This is fast and you can complete the insurance within 2-3 minutes directly on the page.

Mostly, the prices are even cheaper than on the sides of the provider. In the price comparison, the insurers have to ease the one or other euro to stay competitive.

An insurance costs you just 10-20 € per year per person or around 30 € for a family throughout the year. Starting at 65, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket with 50 € +.

Special case long-term vacation in Turkey or in other countries

The usual foreign health insurance only applies for a certain number of days abroad (4 to 8 weeks).

For me these offers are not enough. I travel somewhere in the world for more than half of the year.

For the many long-term tourists in Turkey, a normal health insurance is also not a solution.

For this you need an insurance such as the Hanse-Merkur Long-Term Health Insurance.

With her you have a cheap and at the same time good insurance for the whole year.

You can pay them either monthly, quarterly or once a year.

  • Covered are all necessary insurance benefits abroad
  • Return transport from abroad to your home
  • Either no deductible or € 25 per insured event
  • Extension of the insurance period is possible (365 days to 5 years)
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatments
  • Patient transport to the nearest doctor or hospital
  • Dental treatment for pain, simple restorations, repair of existing dentures due to an accident, …

If you take the insurance for one year, it costs about 35 € per month (up to 65 years).

Other insurances found with Covomo start in the same frame.

The insurance you can either complete with Covomo or directly on the side of the Hanse Merkur in 2-3 minutes.

The insurance documents are sent to you simply by e-mail. All you have to do is print it out and give it to your travel documents.

Important: You must complete the insurance before you travel!

You can extend the insurance on the way without problems.

What experiences have you made with doctor visits in Turkey?

Do you have tips or would like to share your experiences?

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