So you will find a good flight to Turkey in 2019!


Does it take long to look for a flight to Turkey?

Do I save money or find a better flight time?

I often fly to Turkey myself and have thus made my own experiences.

Here are my tips to quickly and easily find a cheap flight to Turkey.

10 questions you should ask before booking!

1. Comfort directly affects the price!

By that I mean not only the selection of a low-cost airline, but the flight time, the departure airport and the day of the week.

In keywords:

  • Departure time: the early morning and late evening is cheaper.
  • Departure airport: smaller airports, usually with a worse location, are cheaper.
  • Weekday: Midweek departures are cheaper than weekends. The return flight sometimes costs less on weekends. Compare the options!
  • Airlines: Turkish Airlines costs more than a budget airline, logically.
  • Holidays: Dodge an airport in a state where holidays are not available. That certainly saves money! With the “train to the flight” often costs no more euros. Clearly, this is at the expense of comfort and vacation time.

2. Flight search engines in comparison – which do I recommend?

I always compare the price of flights with Skyscanner , then with Momondo and finally with Opodo . Why?

This is due to the different settings and different prices of the flight search engines. For example, at Skyscanner, I like the “full month” setting, which shows me the price of tickets every day of the month.

The three search engines have also integrated different payment service providers. Do you know the problem at the end of the booking? All of a sudden there are 10 or 20 € credit card fees. Actually, such fees are no longer allowed to a large extent, yet they seem to open up too often. I’ll take a closer look at that in the next point.

3. Avoid unnecessary fees when paying!

Ticket fees are no longer allowed to a large extent.

This obviously has not gotten through to many booking sites or they ignore it, which I think is more likely.

The solution is therefore to try each of Skyscanner, Momondo and Opodo linked booking pages.One of the linked sites usually offers to pay by bank transfer – which is free of charge – or does not charge any credit card fees.

In both cases, you paid less with a handful of clicks. A fee of 20 € makes at least 10% of the price for a 200 € expensive flight! For all the convenience, I am not willing to spend money unnecessarily.

4. Save 40% on Early Booking Offers for the Summer!

I have written this many times, for example in my last minute guide and in my package holiday guide – with the early bird offers you save the most money on the flights!

Tour operators and airlines will have early booking offers starting in the summer of next year.

The early bookings can cost a little – they advertise with discounts of up to 40% and my experience shows that’s true.

A return flight during the holidays to Antalya can be found in January between 120 and 150 €.The same flight on the same flight costs 250 to 350 € for a last minute booking.

I regularly book flights to Turkey and have been watching the price difference in recent years.You’re getting 99% better with an early booking in the 2019 summer season!

5. A package holiday is cheaper than the separate booking of hotel and flight

With the combined booking of flight, hotel, transfer and food you get more in Turkey for your money!

Turkey is an all-inclusive travel destination. You immediately recognize this by the normal offers of the tour operators.

In the summer, the situation is sometimes so absurd that one week of all inclusive last minute in a 3 star hotel costs the same as booking a single flight. If you are planning a holiday in the seaside resorts of Turkey, you should always compare the separate booking of a flight with a package holiday.

To the other destinations in Turkey, my guide will help you to find a good flight to Istanbul .

6. Are the miles programs of the airlines paying off?

For 98% of all tourists the answer is a very clear NO!

Mileage programs only pay off if you upgrade to Business Class or purchase other upgrades.

For the normal booking of flights, the collection of miles to Turkey does not pay off. Apart from that, collecting flights to Turkey is slow, as most programs are now revenue based.

Most holiday fliers have no meaningful mileage programs. If you fly to Turkey a lot, Miles and Smiles can pay off from Turkish Airlines. You can get into the excellent airport lounges of Turkish Airlines with at least a small turnover. This is a small factor for more comfort: the food is good in the lounge, they have decent Wi-Fi, a shower, etc …

7. Transfer

For vacation packages the transfer is already included, which is usually the easiest solution. For more than three people, a private transfer pays off in the seaside resorts, as they cost only a few euros more than a seat in a shuttle bus.

I wrote my own airport transfer guide for Turkey . In it you will find even more useful tips. The short answer is: search on for shuttle buses and Getyourguide for a private transfer.

8. Luggage in the holiday fliers

The Turkish airlines put the weight of suitcases very generous. For example, Turkish Airlines allows 25 to 30kg of checked baggage in summer.

Holiday fliers like SunExpress do not charge extra for normal carry-on luggage up to 20kg.

The cheap German airlines unfortunately do not allow so much luggage and sometimes even require additional money for the checked baggage. This is particularly true for the extreme low-cost airlines such as Ryan Air, which fly to Turkey for several months.

Pay attention when booking! This is especially true for Ryan Air, as they charge extremely high fees if you do not want to take your ticket to the airport and / or book additional luggage later.

9. Food and other little things

Turkish Airline is the only Turkish airline to include food on board. For the other airlines you pay a corresponding price for the food. Turkish fliers have to a large extent installed their own screen per seat with films. This helps with the pastime!

Sometimes, readers write to me about the relatively high prices of food in Turkish airports. I have to agree with them. You pay more in Turkish airports than in Germany. If that bothers you, eat before the return flight at the hotel or outside.

10. Domestic flights are dirt cheap!

I do not know any other country with comparably cheap domestic flights like in Turkey!

Istanbul – Antalya on the return flight rarely costs more than € 30 in the fall, winter and spring, for an early booking. You can usually find a single flight from Antalya to Ankara from 10 to 15 €.Crazy, but it is so!

Anadolu Jet, the national low-cost airline of Turkish Airlines, has such offers. You can also find the flights with Skyscanner and Momondo . It is safer to look additionally for the search for domestic flights on the side of Turkish.

Anadolu Jet even has 15kg of checked baggage and a little something to eat and drink on board.

Conclusion for the flight search

For a good price, the use of the comparison pages is important.

If you are planning a summer vacation, then use the early bird offers in winter. The joint booking of hotel and flight will almost certainly save money.

It does not pay to search for a flight for weeks. The closer the travel date comes, the higher the price usually rises.

If you really want to be at the airport at 5.00 in the morning to save 20 € I’ll leave you.

What are you doing when booking?

Do you prefer to fly at a comfortable time or pay 20 € less?

Write me your opinion in the comments!

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