Entry requirements Turkey 2019 (and visa)

I have summarized all the important entry requirements of Turkey for tourists. Please read carefully. They are among the most frequently asked questions before planning your trip. It deals with the necessary travel documents, visa requirements for all nationalities, regulations for entry with children and security in Turkey.


The customs regulations have their own contribution.

You should know them if you plan to bring cigarettes, alcohol or goods worth more than € 300 to Turkey or back to the EU.

Entry into Turkey: rules at a glance!

1. What travel documents do I need to travel to Turkey?

You are allowed as a citizen of USA, Germany or Switzerland 90 days within 180 days WITHOUT visa stay in Turkey! Austrians have to apply for an online visa, more about this under 4.

German and Swiss citizens may travel to Turkey with the following valid documents, Austrians only with a passport:

  • Passport,
  • temporary passport,
  • ID card,
  • Child passport

De entry and visa requirements for all other nationalities can be found here, You can find a list of all nationalities that can come with an identity card here,

children need your own child passport or identity card! (Details under 2.)

Upon entry, the passport, temporary passport, identity card or children’s travel pass may have expired for a maximum of one year, but not the temporary identity card. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affair

  • The possibility with a provisional identity card I would like to mention only with reservations. It can lead to problems when trying to enter Turkey.
  • One issued by the Federal Police “Travel pass as passport substitute“Can not be used for entry into Turkey.
  • Your passport must be on entering Turkey have at least one blank page,

Here is the list of all nationalities who are allowed to enter Turkey with an expired travel document!

The Foreign Office also points out that entry with an expired document is not possible at all border crossings! For this, the airports in Istanbul, Izmir, Canakkale, Mugla, Antalya, Mersin, Iskenderun and Aydin, Yesilköy (Istanbul) and Esenboga (Ankara) in question and the Greek-Turkish border crossing.

There may be difficulties in attempting to enter with an expired land border document. Basically, I always recommend that you enter Turkey with a valid ID.

Control: In Turkey, as is the case at home in Germany, an identification requirement applies. That’s why I always recommend taking a passport with you.

The view from the nearby cliffs of the marina, the ships lying in it and the sea. The trees are green, palms are visible and the sun is shining.
(Harbor in the old town of Antalya)

2. The entry requirements for children

Since 26.6.2012 are Child entries in the passport of a parent no longer valid,

This means that each child must carry their own valid identification document. Every child needs one when entering Turkey own passport or identity card!

It has happened that families have been rejected at the border because there were no valid entry documents for children. The Federal Foreign Office expressly points out that no remedy can be provided in such a case.

Children of Turkish parents who have both German and Turkish nationality require a German child ID card, child passport, passport or identity card to re-enter Germany, which must be requested from the relevant German authority before departure. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affair

3. Duration of stay: 90 days within 180 days!

Germans and Swiss are allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days without a visa in Turkey for tourist purposes.

A multiple entry and exit is possible during this period for short stays. The same applies to Austrians with an online visa.

The regulations for other nationalities can be found here.

90 days within 180 days: Several shorter stays will be added together! It is no longer possible to leave Turkey for a day to start a new 90-day stay!

In the event that your stay longer than 90 days takes, you have to apply for a residence permit. It can be requested in advance from a Turkish diplomatic mission (see address of the Turkish embassy at the end of the article).

The application for a residency permit is also possible after entering Turkey. The basic requirement in this case is a passport that is still valid at least 90 days after the planned departure.

Applying for such a permit is also possible if you are already in Turkey.

A particularly active German community lives in Alanya. The locals call Alanya jokingly “Almanya” due to some 10,000 German emigrants.

Visa exceeded: If you stay longer than 90 days in Turkey without a visa, you may face a fine on your departure. It may amount to several hundred lira or be eliminated altogether, if only for a few days. If you do not pay the fine at the border, depending on exceeding the length of stay threatens a travel ban for Turkey between a few months and several years. The border guards handle visa violations differently depending on the border crossing.

4. Visa: Austrian citizens, other nationalities and permanent residence

Austrians must be on the apply for an e-visa to the official government side or you can get a visa on arrival at the airport in Turkey: (Online $ 20 – at the airport $ 30). As an Austrian, entry is only allowed with a passport!

Applying for the e-Visa takes 15 minutes online. You need a credit card and have to print the visa afterwards.

In the FAQ of Evisa.gov.tr Website are all nationalities that may apply for an e-visa. The following citizens may also at the Apply for a visa limit,

I advise applying for the visa only through the official government page that you recognize by the gov.tr ​​ending.

5. The entry with a car

When entering with the Car over the land a valid identification document is necessary.

The presentation of a passport is no longer compulsory. Nevertheless, you should take your passport with you!

It can easily come to inconsistencies that can delay your onward journey. This regulation is new and may not have become common practice at all border crossings.

The Turkish customs issue a form specifying the date of the latest re-export. It is absolutely essential to avoid exceeding this individually stipulated time limit by one day, as otherwise serious fines, which may exceed the value of the vehicle many times over, and criminal proceedings are imminent. The deadline is usually 30 days, and up to 90 days upon request. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affair

Insurance! The green insurance card of the car is only recognized in the European part of Turkey! If you cross the Bosphorus with your vehicle, it is advisable to take out insurance at the border.

There are insurances on the border that are valid for the Asian part of Turkey and can be completed for a minimum of 30 days.

Some insurance companies already have a corresponding clause in their motor insurance.

inquire It’s best to know in advance if your insurance is valid throughout Turkey. Some insurers offer additional packages at an additional cost to insure their own car in the Asian part of Turkey.

If you are not traveling with your own vehicle, you must have a power of attorney from the vehicle owner. The power of attorney of the owner must be issued and certified by a Turkish diplomatic mission. (Address of the Turkish Embassy can be found at the end of the article)

6. The entry with a cruise ship or sailing ship

When entering a cruise ship for tourist purposes in a port city or adjacent ports you are exempt from the visa requirement.

This only applies if your stay does not exceed a duration of 72 hours.

If you have booked a round trip with a sailing ship or gulet, you should do your best directly at the tour operator inquire about the current entry requirements and necessary documents.

Four lane road with a dolmus and cars
(Road from Side to Manavgat)

7. Alcohol & Driving in Turkey

For car and motorcyclists in Turkey is a 0.5 per mille. Trucks, passenger cars with trailers, buses and passenger vehicles are covered by the stricter 0.0 blood alcohol limit.

Foreigners pay in Turkey relatively high penalties for traffic offenses.

At the end of 2015, they were again tightened and comparable in height to penalties on German roads.

8. Insurance

The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in Turkey.

You need a foreign health certificate from your health insurance. For this, the form T / A 11, which is available from your statutory health insurance, is necessary.

Nevertheless, I recommend a foreign health insurance for Turkey.

The reason for this is that you usually come to a private clinic or to a private doctor in the tourist resorts. The statutory health insurance in such a case usually only pays the costs that would be incurred at home in Germany.

The services of the private clinics are often higher.

In addition, the statutory health insurance does not pay for the return transport from abroad.

You can find a health insurance from 10 € per year for one person and 20 € for a whole family. The few euros really pay off.

More information about insurance in Turkey can be found here.

9. Checklist

  1. Check if you need a visa! (German citizens do not need a visa.)
  2. Check the validity of your travel documents and all other family members at least one month before entering Turkey!
  3. Apply for the online visa at least one week before departure! (German citizens do not need an online visa!)
  4. Pack all travel documents before departure! Print the online visa and take it with you!

For all other travel planning questions in Turkey, my packing and checklist will help. In it I go again to the entry, booking and a well-packed suitcase with all the important things.

I formatted the list in addition to printing.

10. Contact: Turkish Embassy in Berlin and German Embassy in Ankara

  • German Embassy in Ankara:
  • Website: Ankara.Diplo.de
  • Telephone: +90 312 455 51 00
  • Emergency: + 90 532 787 40 96
  • Fax: +90 312 455 53 37
  • E-mail: contact form
  • Postal address: Almanya Federal Cumhuriyeti Büyükelciligi, PK 54, Cankaya, 06552 Ankara, Turkey

The information I collected about the entry requirements of Turkey do not claim to be complete and up-to-date,

I can not or may not give legal advice on this subject.

In the event that ambiguity should occur, I strongly advise to contact the Foreign Office, the Turkish Embassy in Germany or a lawyer.

In the blog you will find many more information about traveling in Turkey! You can start your travel planning with my check and packing list for Turkey.

Reader’s question: If you have information that will help keep my entry-level article up-to-date, please share it in the comment column below.

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