Hello, I am Tobias Mueller. I like to write detailed travel guides to the destinations of the world, with sights, local food, interesting destinations, insider tips, the best travel time, beautiful beaches, …

I also go to destinations off the all-inclusive beach resorts. Non touristy places has become very dear to me in recent years. I am pretty sure there are still many incredible places to which I have not written anything yet.

Useful travel tips for travelling: I seldom tell stories about traveling. My blog posts are a mix of personal experiences and useful travel planning information.

Opinions about activities and sights: I would like to give you as independent as possible recommendations on destinations. That’s why you will find at the end of my article on most attractions reviews if a place is really worth seeing.

Recommendations for a cheap and long trip: I recommend in my blog services, products and companies that I use myself. They come with a good price-performance ratio and the fact that I use them myself.

Guide to major tourist destinations: I have written short guides to the most popular tourist destinations from all around the world. In them you will find information easily and clearly arranged. They will help you with your travel planning and during your stay.

I occasionally write about my life: I am self-employed. I live by writing and can work from anywhere. That’s why I can travel to so many different places in the world.